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~ Spinning Fibers ~

Mad About Ewes is happy to offer eight different fibers from the farm this year, all in the form of ready-to-spin roving. Our fleeces are processed by Gurdy Run Mill in Halifax, PA, and are washed in a biodegradable, eco-friendly wool wash, which contains no harsh scouring agents or chemicals. All rovings are priced at $2.50 per ounce. If you live locally, you are welcome to come out to the farm to choose your fiber "in person" - shipping is free if you live outside the area.

The following fibers are available in varying amounts - please e-mail us for specific weights:

  • Remy - Our chocolate "moose", Remy is a Rambouillet/Columbia cross, and produces a wonderfully soft, lofty fleece. Great for knitting.
  • Lucy - A medium gray Corriedale, Lucy has been a customer favorite for years. Very soft hand.
  • Jet - A Corriedale/Suffolk cross, Jet's fleece is a shorter staple length, which makes it a great beginner fleece. Very easy to draft.
  • River - New to the farm two years ago, River is a purebred Shetland - her lovely cream colored fleece has a bit of moorit flecking in it, which, when spun, will result in a slightly heathered yarn.
  • Ivy - A natural colored cross, Ivy's light grey fleece makes fantastic warp for weaving.
  • Dove - One of our long time resident Corriedales, Dove is still producing lovely soft white fleece, perfect for those "wear next to the skin" knitting projects.
  • Skye - If you've never had the opportunity to spin CVM, you owe it to yourself to give it a try - incredible soft and lofty, the CVM/Romeldale is a rare breed that is finally making a comeback in this country. Skye's pearl grey fleece is truly a handspinner's dream.
  • Karma/Sage - This is a CVM/Corriedale blend that we did last year, and it was so successful and popular, we decided to do it again. Another lovely lofty fleece that spins like butter!

Spinning Fibers for 2012

Back row, from left: Remy, Lucy, Jet, River
Front row, from left: Ivy, Dove, Skye, Karma/Sage


Spinning Fibers


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